Australian Salmon

Australian Salmon

Australian Salmon are an awesome fighting sport fish to catch, due to their absolute power and muscle. There‘s not much better than catching an Australian Salmon when it throws out an occasional aerobatic leap from the surface of the water. We have found the best time of day to catch this species is first light until mid-morning. We have also found that they come on hard again in the late afternoon, up until dark. In the evenings we have found that they tend to hold down deep, and they can’t resist Hook in Mouth Tackle’s flasher rig (especially the pink version) loaded with a pilchard tail. The majority of time we have caught this fantastic fighting fish in on the run-out tide. However, they will bite whenever the water is flowing. From a lure perspective, it’s always a good rule of thumb to “match the hatch”. If you are fishing an area that contains pilchards then Hook in Mouth Tackle’s blue flasher rig works extremely well. If you are fishing an area that holds crustations like prawns, then try our pink flasher rig. From a technique standpoint, my objective is to keep the flasher rig in the face of the salmon as long as I can and give it a twitch here and there to stimulate some movement to trigger a strike. Salmon are pelagic which generally means they will ambush from behind your bait. Visit our eBay store today to get your flasher rigs and get onto some of those big winter salmon. “Put more fish on the table” #salmon #australiansalmon #fishing #flasherrig #sabiki#fishingvictoria #portohillip #fishinglures #fishingaustralia #fishinglife#fishing🎣 #lures #snapper #flathead #salmon #bait #baitcaster #baitjig#trout #troutfishing #carp #catfish via @RiplApp #australian #salmon via

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