Sabiki Bait Jigs # 6, #8, #10 #12

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Sabiki Rigs

Choose your hook size : # 6, #8, #10 #12

Perfect rig to catch live bait, such as Yellow Tail, Slimies, Mullet, yakka, pilchards and more.

Each packet contains 6 jigs
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Catching live bait is easy with the premium quality Hook in Mouth Tackle Fluorocarbon Sabiki Rigs. Each rig is made from quality fluorocarbon line, so the baitfish can't see it.
You have a choice of size 6, 8, 10, and 12, hooks with red colour flash and beads. Each Sabiki Rig is ready to catch bait right out of the packet, but some anglers add bait to each hook and berley with stale bread attract baitfish.