Whiting Rigs

Whiting Rigs

Whiting can be a simple fish to catch once you master a few basic tricks. One of the most critical aspects is getting the right rig for the right conditions. In this blog we will cover some of the most effective rigs that you can make at home or buy off the shelf pre-assembled. Feel free to comment below, what is your go to rig? 

Rigging a sinker to the end of your line and either having one or two droppers coming off at different intervals above the sinker, and a baited hook is usually a good start.

One good method is to hold your rod and gradually retrieve the line every few seconds. This helps to maintain a tight line, to ensure you fell every bite, as a whiting bite can be very subtle. The other advantage to this method is that your bait will cover more ground and in some cases will have more opportunity to present in front of a hungry fish. After a few minutes or so pull you line in and check your bait and repeat the process, similar to soft plastic fishing.

There are many variants of whiting rigs, the main difference is the leader length. A lot of anglers like to use a paternoster style rig with two droppers coming off the main leader, one variation to this is, having the bottom dropper with extended length so that it hangs well away from the sinker. Dropper loops are for the most part sufficient in the majority of conditions, however, if you are chasing larger fish, then the use of a twisted dropper or the construction of a separate piece of line to swivels or rings using blood knots will get the job done.  

The rule of thumb is, bigger whiting are caught in fast moving water, such as larger bays or tidal lagoons with strong current and tidal influence. Adolescent fish tend to dwell in the shallow waters and sand flats. If you’re chasing adult fish, try the deeper off-shore waters. Anglers who are specialists in catching the bigger fish tend to use a much longer leader than if they were fishing in water with less tidal movement.  The purpose of the longer leader in fast moving water is to keep the baited hook well away from the main line, which may be experiencing vibration as a result of the tidal flow. There are two factors that should determine how long your extended dropper should be.

  1. The breaking strain of your main line
  2. The amount of current running

If you are rigging with fairly light mono, say no heavier than 10lb, then you should use about a half meter of leader for your  main dropper. If you are not getting any bites then extend you dropper to a meter. It goes without saying if you are fishing with heavier mono then you should make your dropper longer again. Most anglers will tend to use the standard paternoster style rig in heavy tidal flow, but don’t be afraid to use the humble running sinker in these type of conditions too.

When it comes to hooks, every whiting angler will have their own preference. Some like to use a bait holder pattern in a size #4 or a small circle hook, or hooks like the Mustad 34007 O’Shaughnessy. Each to their own here.

Not a new concept in rigs, but certainly a proven fish slayer are flasher rigs. These rigs are loaded on a paternoster rig with two droppers, a swivel at the top to connect to the main line and a swivel connected to the bottom, with a clip to connect your sinker. Each dropper contains a circle hook with flasher material, which come in a variety of colours. As it is no secret that whiting are attracted to red, pink or orange colours, these rigs work magic in attracting fish.

New to the market and exclusive to Hook in Mouth Tackle are the Super UV whiting rigs. These are very similar to the flasher rigs explained above, however, these rigs use a combination of standard flasher material and a new material which has ultra violet properties. This allows the rig not only to reflect light but to also glow under water. These rigs absorb natural light which helps them glow, however, if you want the best out of these rigs, you simply need to charge them up prior to dropping them in the water. This can be done by using a standard torch, a light on your smart phone, or the best way to get the maximum out of them, is to charge them up with a UV torch. These rigs are great in the shallow water and are awesome in the deeper fast flowing water. The Super UV Whiting rigs are currently slaying the whiting all around Australia.


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