8 DIY Super UV Snapper Hooks, Size 3/0, 4/0, 5/0 & 6/0 Circle Hooks

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DIY Snapper Super UV Hooks 

"Put more fish on the table"

8 x Super UV Mixed Colour Hooks size 3/0 4/0 5/0 6/0 circle hooks.

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The first 15 buyers of each month of any Whiting Rigs by Hook in Mouth Tackle automatically go in a draw to win 3 free Whiting Rigs!

These hooks glow 10 times more than a standard flasher rig, it is made from an ultra violet material. We call it "Atomic Glow" Charge it up under a light and the fish cannot resist it. Fish become attracted to the rig, just add your bait such as pilchards or squid and let the rig do all the work. We guarantee that this rig will increase your catch!

The Super UV Snapper DIY hooks by Hook in Mouth Tackle is a high quality flasher hook. The snapper hook is in a class of its own, as it is built from the highest quality terminal tackle. 100% hand tied from a company that is proudly Australian owned and operated with many years of experience in the fishing industry.    

These hooks are strong and can handle the biggest of fish, they work great in the surf on the sand flats, off the rocks and grass beds, in super deep water or on reef chasing that big red. 

Don't take a chance on loosing a good fish with inferior hooks. We strive to ensure our product is the best on the market, and we are sure you will agree.  

If you want to increase your catch, then you need to try our Snapper DIY Super UV today! 

    Features that make the Snapper DIY Super UV Hooks the ultimate rig:

    Made from the highest quality Japanese material, which is super resilient to tough conditions and wear.

    • Affordable, and reusable, well thought out packaging to ensure it doesn't take up to much room in your tackle box. When the fish are on the bite, simply unpack and quickly tie direct to your main line and add your sinker to suit the water.
    • Great for use in many types of fishing such as, kayaking, boating, rock, estuary, deep sea and surf fishing.  
    • The luminous beads glow when exposed to light, which attracts the attention of any fish.
    • You get to make your own rigs to your own personal preference, all you need to do is to add our hooks to your rig.
    • Bright flasher colours help to catch the eye of any fish. Made from a specialised material which glows in the dark when charged up, for maximum attraction.

    Colour Range: Blue, Yellow, Orange, Pink
    Hook Size:  3/0 4/0 5/0 6/0



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    You get 8 state of the art DIY Super UV hooks. These are exclusive to Hook in Mouth Tackle. We have been manufacturing these hooks for over two years with proven results. Check out our customers gallery.

    The Super UV hooks glow in the dark once charged, offering maximum attraction.

    Check out our UV Torches for the ultimate glow effect. Our torch has been designed to get the maximum out of your hooks. 

    Hook size 5/0 Circles with Atomic Glow