Long Shank Paternoster Whiting Rig

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Hook in Mouth Tackle's Whiting Rig has been developed for Australian conditions with the highest quality terminal tackle, to ensure you put more fish on the table. 

Our whiting rigs are a paternoster style rig. Each rig contains two Long Shank hooks on single droppers. 

Key Features

  • 15lb High Quality Fluorocarbon Leader with super reliable knot system, set on a paternoster style rig. 
  • Rolling Swivel, & Swivel Clip 
  • #4, #6 & #8 Premium Long Shank Hooks
  • Pink Lumo Bead & tubing with UV for ultimate attraction 
  • Sinker Clip - So you can easily change your sinker to suit the tidal conditions
  • Easy open packaging and reusable. 

Fishing Tips

The whiting rig has been designed specifically for whiting, however, the rig is very effective on many other small fish species.

The rig can be used several times if washed with fresh water after use. 

Rigging up: Simply tie your preferred knot from your main line to the top swivel, add your desired sinker to the sinker clip and add your bait to the hook. 

If fishing for whiting, small strips of squid, mussel, pipis or sand/blood worm are great baits to use on the Whiting Rig. 

As whiting are a foraging & schooling species they are constantly on the move, so you need to find them or bring them to you. Firstly look for patches of sand among weed-beds and cast your rig into the sand patch. If there is no action after 15 minutes move on to the next patch of sand and repeat the process until you locate them. Use berley to bring them into you, crushed mussels or pipis are ideal. For further in-depth tips see our articles on our blog page.

How to Fish for Whiting - Blog Page

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