Avalon Beach | Point Wilson

Avalon Beach or Kirks Point is located in the most northern part of Corio bay. For the most part Point Wilson is off limits to the public for various reasons. The angler might find a little spot here and there that is accessible to the water without trespassing, however, in this article we will focus on two spots that are open to the public. Avalon Beach Boat Ramp and Kirks Point Boat Ramp.

Kirks Point:

Kirks Point is located at the end of Beach road, and is a very old ramp which pretty rough and that's a kind statement. There are a lot of rocks to either side of the ramp making near impossible to launch a kayak from. Realistically, the only place to launch from here is the boat ramp. It is a single ramp, so it is always best to give right of way to those that are launching boats as good etiquette. This ramp does not see that much traffic, so you shouldn't have to wait anyway. 

From the ramp, paddle to your left toward the headland, and anchor up on the sand patches in between rocky bottom. In this area you will find good snapper and King George Whiting (KGW). The snapper here will take a soft plastic and over the years I have found that the most successful plastic is the curl tail grubs in a white colour. Best baits in this area are fresh squid and pilchards. The KGW will also go for the squid but the best bait in this spot is pips.  

Rigs: This spot is great to fish a paternoster rig with Octopus Beak hooks for both species of fish, obviously the hook size and leader strength is the difference. I fish 6/0 on 60lb for snapper during snapper season and in the off season I generally fish 4/0 on 25lb. As for KGW I fish a paternoster flasher rig with size #4 circle hooks and running sinker  with #4 longshank on 15lb with a size 1 ball sinker. 

Hazards: Exposed Rocks on Low Tide | Car Break and Entries  

Avalon Beach

Avalon Beach has a double boat ramp which you can launch your kayak from. However, the beach that sits to the right of the ramp is probably just as easy to launch from. This spot has great parking facilities suitable for parking a trailer, it also has an overspill car park with compacted sand. There is also a public toilet here too. The best wind direction is a North to North West. However, Avalon Beach is pretty sheltered as there is not much fetch between this spot and Geelong. Therefore, you wont encounter large wind swell on gentle to medium southerly. But as always take all the necessary precautions that you can, as a lot of kayak accidents do occur in Port Philp Bay. know your limits and don't become a statistic, no fishing trip is worth it.     

Avalon Beach is by far my favourite KGW spot, with Clifton Springs a close second. You can launch off any tide in this spot and doesn't really make a difference. If you launch off the beach head directly out for about 1k and you will see the green channel makers. In and around these markers there a numerous weed beds and sand patches. Anchor yourself up on top of a weed patch and cast into the sand patches. The KGW will be found moving between the sand patches in the hunt for food. The best baits in this area fresh pipis which you can harvest in small numbers at Avalon Beach. However, the bait that I find works best is definitely live bass yabbies. If you do not get a bite within 15 minutes pull your anchor up and look for another sand patch. Keep doing this until you find the fish. 

Berley: Berley will make all the difference in this spot. Bring the fish to you, with some good quality pallets, bread, tuna oil, old pipis or mussel shells. Keep your berely pot just off the bottom and let the kayak's natural swaying motion rock your berley trail with the current. Additionally, if you are using pipis or mussels throw the sells overboard as you shuck them. 

Rigs: The Super UV Whiting rig is the go to here, I find that the fish really respond well to the Pink colour one best. Our rig uses two size #4 circle hooks  on each rig as it is a paternoster design. The rig is loaded on a 20-30lb fluorocarbon leader. This rig is best fished with pipis, mussels or squid strips. The other rig I use is the running sinker with a size #4 longshank hook loaded on 15lb leader. I usually have a size #1 ball sinker down to the hook.