5/0 - 60lb Lumo and Pink Combo - Snapper Latchers - Flasher Fishing Rigs - Snatcher

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10 x Snapper Snatcher rigs loaded on 60lb leader. High quality 5/0 Circle Hooks .

You get 5 Lumo and 5 Pink Snapper rigs. 

Extra Strong knots made to hold big fighting fish. It is our attention to detail when it comes to our knot system that sets us apart from all other brands. So if you want you can trust under pressure, then this is the rig for you. 

Our rigs are ready to go right out of the packet, all you need to do is tie the rig's swivel to your main line and your good to go.

These rigs are made from flashabou material which reflects light and is highly visible and attractive to fish.