Twisted Paternoster Spool Rig X 15 Rigs

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Are you tired of dealing with pre-made rigs that always end up tangled when you unwrap them?

Have you ever taken out your fishing gear on a session and not used it, only to find it rusted the next time you wanted to fish?

Would you like a rig that offers the flexibility to swap out hooks based on the conditions or the size of the fish without altering your entire rig?

Are you tired of struggling to store your fishing rigs? Look no further for a better solution! This product was created by a fisherman who has encountered all these problems with you in mind.

Introducing the spool rig, featuring 15 pre-made rigs, individually wrapped and separated for your convenience. Simply peel back the separator tape and unravel your rig straight off the spool. Say goodbye to tangled messes with traditional packaging. After rigorous testing, the spool rig concept was developed as the ultimate solution.

Protect your rigs from the harsh conditions of fishing by confidently storing them in a reusable canister with the help of the spool rig.

The spool rig concept offers anglers the flexibility to interchange their hooks at will. With a loop at the end of each dropper, changing hooks is a breeze. This adaptability allows anglers to optimize their hooks to match changing fishing conditions.

The spool rig contains the following:

Each of the 15 rigs contains a robust Fluorocarbon leader in a well-designed twisted paternoster system. This setup includes two dropper loops, lumo beads, a sturdy swivel for easy attachment to your main line, and a secure sinker loop.

Choose from:

10lb, 15lb, 20lb, 30lb, 40lb, 60lb, 80lb

For more information, check out the instructional video: