Altona Yacht Club

Altona Yacht Club - The Yacht Club is a great place to launch a kayak from, as it has a concrete ramp. There is ample carparking very close to the ramp, which can accommodate trailer parking. There are no parking fees in this area at the time of writing this article or making the below video. It is best to launch here on a high tide. It is still good to launch on low tide, however, it can be a bit of walk across a fair bit of sand. Having said that, the sand is very firm underfoot and is pretty good to get across. 

You can collect your own fresh bait here on a low tide. There are bass yabbies to the left hand side of the ramp and you will also find marine worms burrowed in the sand flats. 

There are weed beds only a few hundred meters out, which hold good flathead and squid, you will also encounter small pinkies and salmon. Fish here on either the outgoing or incoming tide, the best time to fish this area is on dusk and dawn & you will find the best success when the water is clear. Drifting is most productive method here. The area once upon a time also held good schools of whiting but this spot is no longer a hot spot for KGW. However, now that the commercial fishing industry has been banned in Port Phillip bay, we may see the return of KGW back into the area over the next few years. Fingers crossed.  

The best baits here are whitebait, fresh squid and bass yabbies. The best rigs to use in this location are the simple running sinker and a paternoster flasher rig. The best colour Squid Jig I find here is red to pink, in about a 2.5. 

Species Bait Rig Tide
Flathead | Squid Whitebait Running Sinker | Flasher Rig Incoming & Outgoing


Running Sinker

Flasher Rig

In-depth Video of How to Fish the Altona Yacht Club